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Know the Signs of Dehydration

The human body is made up of mostly water. In fact, as much as 60 percent of an adult human is water. It’s an essential life source and responsible for many bodily functions, from crying and spitting to flushing waste and regulating body temperature.

Dehydration sets in when your body doesn’t have enough water. Some of the signs of dehydration include:

  • Dark yellow urine
  • Lack of sweating
  • Dry skin
  • Rapid heart rate and breathing
  • Dizziness

You don’t want to get caught in the heat without enough water in your system.

7 Tips to Stay Hydrated in Summer

Get a big water bottle.

If you invest in a refillable water bottle, you’ll always be able to take water with you wherever you go. You can find bottles with time markers on the side to help you keep track of your daily water intake. You can fill it up and head out for the day and not have to worry about stopping to buy water or another drink. You’ll always have it on hand whether you’re going to the gym or jogging around town.

Eat more fruits and veggies.

You don’t always have to drink water to stay hydrated. Fruits and certain vegetables contain a lot of water and will keep you hydrated while you’re in the sun. Watermelon, lettuce, grapes and other fruits and nonstarchy veggies are good choices to keep dehydration from sneaking up on you in the summer. Eat more of these foods every day while also drinking plenty of fluids to keep your hydration at an optimum level.

Sip on fruit smoothies.

Maybe you don’t want to eat a bunch of fruit and vegetables every day. That’s okay – drink them instead. Making fruit and green smoothies is a great way to get your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals while also increasing your hydration levels. Not only are you adding hydrating fruits to the smoothie but also plenty of ice. Not only will the smoothie taste great and hydrate you, it will also regulate your body temperature. If you’re worn out from being in the sun all day, a fruit smoothie will help you to feel like a normal person again.

Drink plain coconut water.

Coconuts contain a lot of potassium and electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. It’s good for relieving muscle aches and cramps and doesn’t contain any fat. It does, however, contain a lot of calories, so you might not want to substitute coconut water for regular water. If you plan to drink coconut water, buy the plain kind. Some coconut waters come with additional flavoring or sugar added. The plain coconut water tastes great as-is and will work wonders for replenishing your body in the summer.

Watch your coffee and beer intake.

You probably already know that drinking coffee makes you pee. That’s because it contains caffeine and causes a diuretic effect. There’s no real evidence that caffeine increases your risk for dehydration. However, if you’re peeing a lot and not drinking enough water to replace it, it could have negative side effects.

Alcohol also has a diuretic effect and is known to cause dehydration. It messes with the antidiuretic hormone in the body, making it harder to absorb water. If you drink a lot of alcohol while in the sun, you’ll lose more fluids and not be able to replace them quickly enough.

Drink alcohol in moderation, and accompany it with a few glasses of water. If you’re spending a day on the lake and drinking alcohol, spend some time in the shade, and make sure to bring water and other hydrating fluids and foods with you.

Eat oatmeal for breakfast.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? It is when you start the day with a bowl of oatmeal. Oats expand as they absorb water, so you’re not only getting a good meal but also plenty of fluids. If you add blueberries or strawberries, you’ll get even more water just by eating your oatmeal. Don’t like fruit in your oatmeal? Try chia seeds. They also soak up water and will help to keep you full until lunch.

Stay Hydrated in the Summer Sun

You can get water without having to drink it from a bottle. Sip on smoothies, eat some watermelon or crack open a can of coconut water. Just make sure to drink plenty of hydrating fluids each day and to carry water or a sports drink with you when you work or play under the hot summer sun.