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Coconut oil is quickly becoming a new food obsession. And despite the fact that it was labeled as a big no no in the nutrition world several years back because it’s a saturated fat, it’s come back has been huge.  And rightfully so. 


Other than the obvious use of cooking with it, here are some other super awesome, and maybe surprising excuses to dig into the stuff.


#1 Use it Externally As A Skin Tonic


As many of you may know, coconut oil has fabulous antimicrobial properties to help our bodies immune system deal with foreign invaders. So when we EAT it we gain all that awesomeness. 


We can also use it EXTERALLY for the same reasons. 


You can use it as an eye makeup remover, help prevent stretch marks, and use on dry skin or acne prone skin for a night cream. 


It can also help soothe eczema and psoriasis.


Try adding some essential oils to it and rubbing into irritated areas for a nice soothing scented oil.


#2 Coffee Creamer


This one is so amazing! You can put a dollop in your coffee and it emulsifies like a cream. And then you get all the deliciousness of the coconut and froth heaven without the dairy. 


And you get all the benefits from ingesting it like brain health, immune health and gut health. Win. Win. 


#3 Instant Chap Stick


Rub some on your lips and your good to go.

#4 Weight Loss


I know for many of you this is counterintuitive. Eat fat to lose fat? Yup. 


Studies have shown that the make up of this fatty acid has a direct affect on metabolism and thyroid health in that it helps BOOST it. 


Fat is also the thing that triggers the brain to tell you you’re FULL and you stop eating. So its super important to eat fats with every meal so you know when to put the fork down. 

#5 Oil Pulling


Many may ask about the legitimacy of oil pulling. For those who are unfamiliar here it is. 


So oil pulling is ancient remedy stemming from India. The idea is that you swish a tablespoon or so of oil (coconut) in your mouth for 15-20 min a day and it not only helps dramatically with gum and oral health it helps draw toxins out of the body. 


When you’re done swishing you spit the oil out and go on with your day. 

It works! You will see a dramatic difference in your teeth and gums.  They will be whiter and healthier in a matter of a week.  Who doesn’t want that?!

You might have to work your way up to 20 minutes.  Our cheeks might not be in shape just yet, but you’ll get there.  Don’t get frustrated if you need to spit at the 7 min mark.  Just like with exercise, it is a progression. 


Timing around this is key so work your way up if you have to. You’ll get there. 


So the how to?

1. Take a spoon and dig out about a TBS of organic coconut oil and put it in your mouth.  You can add a drop of either peppermint and/or tea tree essential oils too!

2. Swish around for 20 minutes. Your saliva will mix with the oil making it like an oily mouthwash. 

3. Spit the oil in your TRASH CAN. This doesn’t need to be going into your septic or the kitchen sink.

4. Rinse your mouth well with warm water.

5. Brush your teeth. 


Repeat the next day.