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A Sample of Happy Clients

Atmosphere means a lot to me and as an older female I felt large gyms were too intimidating. The atmosphere with Fitness with a View has been wonderful! I also have had hand, shoulder, and knee injuries and Jamie is constantly monitoring my exercises to be sure I strengthen and not re-injure these spots. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

– Sara

I only had my last 20 pounds to lose and I have done so. Not only did I meet my goals initially set with Jamie, but we continue to strive for new ones! I must remind myself of the little goals each day. Although I continue to be goal oriented of course the main goal is to be a mentally and physically healthy mother and wife to my family.

– Lorri

I frequent the facility at the Hartness Homestead. As you might expect from the name, the view is inspiring. The gym is well maintained, well ventilated and filled with excellent equipment and space to accommodate a wide variety of workouts. Most importantly, the staff is quite friendly, committed and able to provide expertise for patrons of all ages. I am a 68 year old lifelong fitness enthusiast but recently needed significant attention for balance and core training in preparation for an annual ski trip. Tatiana not only spent in-person time developing a program with me, but also provided detailed videos of all of the exercises so that I could perform them at home or after hours at my convenience; I was amazed at how well-prepared I was for my trip, which I hadn’t partaken in for 3 years due to COVID and personal issues. I plan to take advantage of Fitness With a View for many years to come.

– Peter

As a resident of Hartness we began going to Fitness with a View to exercise. I signed up for individual training to get in shape for our son’s wedding. I’ve been so impressed with the Individual attention and coaching that I hope to maintain the membership after we move from Hartness My trainer explains each exercise and demonstrates proper positioning. He modifies some of the exercises to accommodate my arthritis and explains each change. He explains why we are doing what we’re doing and which muscle group we’re working on. I have gained stamina and turned fat into muscle. In five months I’ve lost 30 pounds and revamped my eating habits. It is worth every penny!

– Shawn

Fitness With A View was recommended to me by a physical therapist because that’s where he went for personal training. That says a lot. I had been having trouble with my lower back. The personal trainers at FWAV, Jamie and Tatiana, assured me that they would work with me (even though I’m in my 50’s) to create a strength training program with emphasis on my lower back. Today my lower back is fine! When the pandemic hit, Tatiana was able to create on-line sessions for me so I could work out from home. Tatiana and Jamie are very professional and the Hartness facility (I have not been to the downtown location) is beautiful with state-of-the-art equipment. I highly recommend Fitness With A View!

– S. Customer

I cannot say enough about this gym and the trainers. Fitness With a View itself is super clean and has state of the art equipment. In addition, it is situated on a small, beautiful lake. It is truly a gym with a fantastic view. That being said, it took more than that to get me there and back into an exercise routine. Since having back surgery, whenever I would make an attempt at working out, I would injure myself trying to do exercises without proper training…..my shoulder, my hip, my back. Needless to say, I wouldn’t stick with it. Finally (I wish I had done it years ago), I hired Jamie and Tatiana who are trainers at FWV. It has truly been a life changer for me! They put together the perfect routine and motivated me to stick with it. With their expertise, I have been able to reach my goals and with no injuries! Their knowledge of proper nutrition has improved my eating habits.I feel good, have so much more energy and look better! When I am away or traveling , I miss the positive support and friendship that I have developed with Jamie and Tatiana, and I’m always anxious to get back where I can SAFELY exercise! As you can tell, I am a real fan!

– Susan