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The only downside to spending a few quiet vacation days in a remote beach town is the distance it puts between you and your personal fitness. Scenic resort areas usually lack state-of-the-art training facilities and you’ll need to improvise if you’re going to stay fit away from your gym and trainer. Before surrendering to the summer sun and its beachfront barbeques, utilizing the space around you can help supplement a more extensive workout. 

The plan combines both strength and anaerobic fitness training to be performed without equipment but with the challenges an environment like an isolated beach can provide.


A warm up is necessary, even in the heat, to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. This increases flexibility, decreases injury, and decreases fatigue. Increase hydration and mineral intake when working out in the heat/sun.
10-20 reps each
Push-ups (on your knees)
Squat to Stand
Reverse Lunge
Side Plank 30 sec each
Hip Bridge 30 sec each


All these things will provide a different stimulus to your muscles. This workout will definitely keep your strength levels and fitness tuned until you get back into the gym.
Body Weight Exercises: When finished, rest for two minutes and then repeat series.
Squats 1×20
Lunges 1×10 each leg
Push-ups 1×10-20 (Hold for 1 min)
Crunch 1×40
Close Grip Push-up 1×10
Toe Raises 1×20
Wave Squat 1×20 (3 quarter squats followed by a full squat)
Scissor Kicks 1×40
Supermans 1×20
Single Leg Hip Extensions 2×10


The sand provides an unstable surface which will challenge your nervous system, as well as add resistance as you sink into the sand.  You will feel the added difficulty in the first couple of reps.
Option 1:
1) Sprint 5 yards in sand then back to start, then 10 yards, then 15 covering 60 yards total.  Try to do this in less than 20 seconds 2-3 reps
2) Repeat -this time back peddling in between sprints.  IE:  sprint 5 yards and back peddle back, etc. 2-3 reps
3) Repeat-this time shuffling between sprints.
Option 2:
1) Start with 10 squat jumps in the sand.  Immediately proceed to 10 push-ups.  Immediately proceed to 10 sit-ups. Repeat for 9 reps each then 8 then 7 and so on until you get to 1!
Option 3: Do these drills in waist deep water for 20-30 yards each. Repeat when finished.
1) High knee run.  2-3 sets
2) Butt Kicks. 2-3 sets
3) Squat jumps 10-20 reps
4) Backwards run 2-3 sets
5) Lateral Shuffle 2-3 sets