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You’re probably thinking what are ear seeds? Have you ever even heard of them before? Well, they’re a pretty powerful holistic tool that can be used for a variety of health-related purposes. 

They’re adhesive seeds derived from the natural vaccaria plant that rest on certain points on your ear. Those points are specific to addressing symptoms for both physical + emotional wellness.

The use of ear seeds is also considered auriculotherapy (interchangeable with “auricular therapy”). This is based on the way the treatment works. Auriculotherapy is best defined as ear reflexology, which is a concept that the outer part of the ear is a map or micro system of the body. 

This method of holistic healing has major ancient roots. t’s part of traditional Chinese medicine (commonly called TCM).  

What are the Benefits of an Ear Seed Treatment?

So, why do people love ear seeding? For one, it has so many amazing benefits. This list shows a range of issues + symptoms that ear seeds have been shown to improve:

Chronic pain

                Lower back pain 

Sleep difficulties 





Migraines or other headaches 


Weight loss 

While many have utilized ear seeds for such a variety of health conditions and issues, they’re not a cure for any of these. Seeds may only help temporarily relieve some of the symptoms.