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Get your dose of vitamin D
Perhaps, the most obvious benefit of the extra sun is getting a daily boost of Vitamin D. Maintaining a steady supply has been shown to slow down aging, prevent inflammation, improve bone health, and improve immunity and resistance against diseases. Recently, a study found that the vitamin can reduce the risk of early death in people diagnosed with heart problems.
The season of the fruits
With all the fresh produce filling up grocery stores and farmers markets, it can be difficult to avoid fruits during the heat of the summer. Due to the high levels of humidity, we are more likely to crave a few slices of watermelon or a delicious mango smoothie. Other healthy summer fruits including berries, pineapples, kiwis, oranges, and peaches can prevent dehydration and provide a generous diet of vitamin C and vitamin E. 
You’re sweating and that’s good!
The more you sweat, the cooler your body gets and the more your blood circulation improves. Perspiration also helps clear out your skin by purging bacteria, dirt, oil and other impurities. The benefits aren’t just limited to physical health. Prolonged sweating is associated with the release of endorphins which improve your mood and overall mental health.
Nature and the great outdoors
Ecotherapy simply cannot be underestimated and summertime means no more excuses to hide indoors. A 2016 study found that spending just 30 minutes in nature every week would reduce the risk of high blood pressure and depression.
Exposure to fresh air is important, particularly for those who live in a busy city and are subject to pollution. Breathing cleaner oxygen can increase your levels of serotonin, promoting happiness and well-being.
Rejuvenate with a vacation
Research has suggested that taking a break from your usual life and schedule to travel and relax is required to keep yourself healthy and productive in the long run. No matter how old you are, taking some time away from the corporate and academic environments can provide some well-rounded benefits that include reducing stress, boosting creativity, improving focus, and developing family bonds.  
Your heart is healthier

Studies have shown that the risk of heart disease peaks during the months of winter, but reaches its lowest point during summer. Experts have yet to identify the exact cause but the aforementioned benefits may suggest why your overall health is better during summer. Good cholesterol levels are said to be higher during this season compared to colder months, possibly since the hot weather is not as likely to constrict blood vessels.