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wellness is our priority

About Us

wellness is our priority

Wellness, with a great outlook

The philosophy of Fitness with a View is to provide knowledge and atmosphere for a better you. That is what we have worked to achieve by our facilities both with a Greenville Downtown location and the one at Homestead at Hartness on the eastside off of Garlington road. The downtown location provides the convenience for our downtown clients with the character that downtown brings. The eastside location draws clients there due to its beauty. How can you not want to come and work out when the facility is on a 10 acre pond with a track for running, walking, and cycling. The option is always available to make the studio open air as well with our large apertures to the outside both in the personal training area and the group fitness room. The community also has a paved 1 mile track for when you just want to get a little more.

Our knowledge of exercise and nutrition is of utmost importance to us. As you are probably well aware the human body and functions are a constant evolving science. What you know now will change in 10 years. That is why it is a priority to continue with our education in our field and bring on professionals that do the same. In order for us to have ‘exercise with you in view’ we have to be on top of our game. We view it a privilege to be entrusted as a coach for your health, so we do all we can to help you in that area.

We have the ability to train you in a 3rd location at Isle of palms. If you have a secondary home or you are vacationing there we have trainers to take care of your needs.

Jamie Blair

Jamie has been helping people to healthier lives for 23 years. He has been inspired by his own health, his wife of 27 years and his 3 children to encourage clients to better themselves. He is certified by the American Council on Exercise. His specialties are in the area of corrective exercises (The BioMechanics Method), senior program design, pre & post pregnancy/menopause design, & knee & back corrections. He has been trained in the field of Gray Cooke. (Gray Cooke did an in depth study on functional movements of professional athletes to determine how to find and correct asymmetries in the body.)

He is a nutrition specialist and has been trained in behavior change coaching, which is such a large part of nutrition. He takes joy in making healthy food choices easy to understand and apply.

Jamie loves learning more about the health of the body and helping his clients, so let’s have fun and learn together!

Tatiana De Angulo

Tatiana started her personal training career at Greenville Technical College where she obtained her certification in 2010.  Thereafter she taught for the same program for 3 years while obtaining a national personal trainer certification through the American College of Sports Medicine.  Tatiana is also a Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified trainer and is working on obtaining levels 2 & 3.  She is an avid golfer, having won the Ladies Club Championship 3 consecutive times at her home club of Thornblade. Tatiana played golf for her south Florida high school team and played in college for East Tennessee State University on a scholarship.  While at ETSU Tatiana majored in psychology and minored in marketing and management

Tatiana has been training clients at Fitness With A View since 2013 and is passionate about working with golfers and senior clients.  Strength training is the focus of her work while also introducing elements of balance and flexibility. Her goal is for her clients to successfully transfer what they work at in the gym into their daily lives and activities.  

In addition to working as a personal trainer Tatiana is a consultant for Arbonne.  Her Arbonne business gives her the platform to teach others how to make small gradual changes in order to live healthier lives.  

Tatiana and her husband Bill love living in the South Carolina upstate.  If you can’t find her on the golf course you’ll find her running on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, one of her favorite places in Greenville.  

Charlie Sikorski

Bio coming shortly! 

Laurie Ann McJarrett

I am a holistic massage therapst that works with mind, body, and spirit. My specialty is working with trauma, which we know is held in the body. I use Neuromuscular Techniques, which focus on nerves and muscles to assist the body in physical and emotional healing. I am passionate about my work and sharing my gifts with people who are looking for healing and wellness.

Linda Albronda

“Yoga with Linda” classes incorporate Yoga Asana (physical yoga poses), Pranayama (controlled breathing techniques) and Meditation, creating an environment conducive to centering and introspection. Linda’s classes deliver physical challenge while enabling the complete body, mind, spirit experience that IS yoga. Classes are suitable for all levels of practice. Modifications are always available upon request.

Linda has been involved with Yoga in some capacity since being introduced to the practice by her Mother at the age of 9. She received her certification in Integrative Yoga (a form of Hatha Yoga) and has been teaching since 2016. Linda’s classes are for all levels of practice and are meant to balance body, mind and spirit through a slow but robust practice incorporating physical movement, mindfulness and breath work. Linda teaches how to clear the mind through the breath and body awareness. We explore the body with movement that challenges and supports it, through a slow flow that warms up and nourishes it with purposeful movement, pausing at the furthest extent to allow muscular relaxation toward greater flexibility. We are challenged to embrace the sensations of the body moving to promote endurance, strength and mobility. We strive to achieve through movement, a peace of mind and security that our bodies will remain supple, flexible and strong throughout our full lifetimes. This complete practice promotes mind/body balance and spirit awakening.

In the years that Linda has actively taught Yoga, she has been blessed to have shared the practice with many people, teaching at Local Charleston Gyms, conducting lunchtime workplace events for coworkers, sharing private practices with entire families interested in keeping fit both physically and mentally and dealing with the pressures of working in highly stressful environments and teaching athletes to decompress and regroup. Linda moved to virtual classes when physical classes were not practical and continues to lead classes on demand via WebEx or other platforms to reach colleagues worldwide. Linda believes each yoga student will embrace Yoga in their own way and that is the beauty of the practice. Linda welcomes one and all and looks forward to guiding and building your yoga practice.

The light and spirit within Linda honors the light and spirit of each and every practitioner who shares the practice with her.


Katrina Dickason

Katrina has been teaching Zumba and Aqua Zumba since 2016. She is an Athletic and Fitness Association of America AFAA certified group fitness instructor and licensed in Zumba and Aqua Zumba. She also has experience choreographing many amateur dance groups for various stage performances. She has a full-time day job working for the US Treasury Department and enjoys teaching fitness classes and dancing in her off time.  Her favorite part of it all is the community that is created when people move together. She lives with her husband and pet Corgi, Henry, in Greer. 

Our Featured Wellness Video

Understanding Metabolism – Part I

Metabolism refers to the complex set of biochemical reactions that take place within the cells of the body to sustain life. The process of metabolism involves breaking down food into its component parts and using these building blocks to create energy, synthesize new molecules, and eliminate waste products. Metabolism plays a critical role in maintaining homeostasis within the body, regulating body temperature, and supporting various bodily functions, such as growth and repair. Metabolism is influenced by various factors, such as age, genetics, hormonal imbalances, and lifestyle factors, including diet and exercise.

Fitness with a View can help improve metabolism by providing a motivating environment to engage in physical activity. Regular exercise can increase the body’s energy demands, which can help boost metabolism by increasing the number of calories burned throughout the day. Additionally, fitness with a view can provide a sense of mental and emotional wellbeing, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. High levels of stress and anxiety can negatively impact metabolism by altering hormone levels and disrupting the body’s natural metabolic processes. By reducing stress levels, fitness with a view can help improve overall metabolic health, leading to better physical and mental wellbeing. Overall, incorporating fitness with a view into one’s lifestyle can be an effective way to improve metabolism and support optimal health.

Atmosphere means a lot to me and as an older female I felt large gyms were too intimidating. The atmosphere with Fitness with a View has been wonderful! I also have had hand, shoulder, and knee injuries and Jamie is constantly monitoring my exercises to be sure I strengthen and not re-injure these spots. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

– Sara

I only had my last 20 pounds to lose and I have done so. Not only did I meet my goals initially set with Jamie, but we continue to strive for new ones! I must remind myself of the little goals each day. Although I continue to be goal oriented of course the main goal is to be a mentally and physically healthy mother and wife to my family.

– Lorri