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Hello Fitness With A View,

Here is some info about me so you can get to know me better!

I moved to the upstate when I was 17, but I grew up in Santa Barbara, Ca. My parents were florists, through watching and working with them, I developed a strong appreciation for natural beauty, and value of working with my hands.  I am the oldest of 6, and I have a daughter, who is about to graduate college at SCAD in Savannah Ga. I’ve been a licensed Esthetician since 2009.

 I am always trying to learn new things, so I have tried my hand at many unique career paths, but I found my true passion in Esthetics and wellness. I believe that helping others feel their best, is a valuable way to encourage positivity in the world. I’m also studying for a certification in holistic nutrition, and have great respect for how the benefits of nutrition can be integrated into skin care, as well as a better life in general. 

After going through Thyroid cancer in 2013, I was inspired further to incorporate holistic approaches to my practice. I started Levity Skincare, in 2014.  I focused on customized facials, with a strong emphasis on incorporating natural ingredients into my client’s skin care treatments. The practice has been a perfect fit for my personality. The one on one attention, with helping each client has lent itself to the development of many wonderful relationships.

I was the happiest I had ever been in my working career, and I knew that I wanted to expand my training, So, in 2018 decided to devote attention to perfecting waxing techniques in my practice. I focused on providing high quality waxing services for next 5 few years. I enjoy waxing and skincare, but the thing I enjoy most about the wellness and esthetics industry, is the ever evolving treatments I get to learn, and the value of helping my clients feel better about themselves.

I have worked for luxury spas, and for small business. I have also developed and operated my own skincare company. The most important thing I’ve gathered from each work environment, is that it is extremely important to have respect and a growth mindset wherever I am working. I put a lot of emphasis and value in the environment I work in. I believe that to have a successful work life in the wellness industry, it’s imperative to create an ambiance of healing, and a passion for positivity.

~Alicia Fisher (Ali)