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Send a holiday care package to a soldier abroad
Our service men and women who are out of the country during Thanksgiving often long for the comforts of home. By sending a care package through Any Soldier, you can show them your gratitude for their duty and make them feel loved. Any Soldier has provided care packages to 96,371 service members and has an extensive list of popular products  that have been requested by soldiers if you need ideas for what to include in your package.
Deliver a Thanksgiving meal to housebound neighbors
Don’t forget seniors or the seriously ill during this holiday. By volunteering with a local Meals on Wheels Program to bring a hot dinner to those who may not be able to join family or friends. They’ll appreciate the food and, more importantly, the time you share with them at their homes.
Feed families with pocket change
According to a recent government report, 49 million Americans went hungry last year, so you can bet that many families are facing slim pickings for Thanksgiving this year. Help change this by participating in Feeding America‘s Thanksgiving Feast for 9 Million. By donating $1, you can provide seven meals this holiday, and $50 will provide 350 meals for hungry families.
Run a “Turkey Trot”
All over the country this Thanksgiving, companies and nonprofits are hosting 5k races to benefit local charities and good causes. San Francisco’s fun run will benefit a local high school’s Track & Field team and Ann Arbor’s will benefit local animal shelters and community groups. The bonus? Most of these races are Run/Walks that encourage full family participation and you can work off some of dinner before you even sit down at the table. Runs are planned for on and around Thanksgiving day and some require advance registration, so be sure to mind the rules specific for your area.
Pledge to Give 29 Things Away
Thanksgiving is a perfect time to sign up for the 29-Day Giving Challenge, a commitment to give something away each day for 29 days. It can be a tangible object or something as simple as a compliment. The goal is to make giving a habit and share your stories with others who might be inspired. Each month, 29Gifts features a different cuasef, so if you get stuck one day there are plenty of ideas ready to go.
Serve Thanksgiving Dinner at a Homeless Shelter
All the donated food that is raised during Thanksgiving time has to have willing hands to help cook it. Lend yours by volunteering this thanksgiving at a homeless shelter to prepare and dish up a meal with all the trimmings for those who don’t have a home to go to this Holiday. The National Coalition for the Homeless has a searchable directory to find homeless shelters in your area.
Sponsor a Family in Need
Thanksgiving is only one day out of the year that U.S. families go hungry. Why not do a little to help one family a lot during the whole year? Family-to-family.org can help you connect with individual families that you can help by providing food, clothing and other necessities throughout the year. Or, open a family-to-family branch in your area.
For more information on how to sponsor a family in your area, you can watch a step-by-step “How To” from Create The Good
Tweet your thanks on Tweetsgiving
Between November 24 and 26, Epic Change encourages social media users to share their gratitude both on and offline by participating in TweetsGiving. Share what you’re thankful for via Twitter, your blog, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, or blip.fm with the #tweetsgiving tag and a $10 donation. This year, they hope to raise $100,000 to build an educational facility in Arusha, Tanzania, and fund future Epic Change projects.
Sign the Charter for Compassion

In February 2008, former nun Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and asked for the help of others to create, launch and promote an international Charter for Compassion. Thousands of people contributed to the creation of the multilateral Charter to promote compassion across cultural and religious boundaries. By signing the online document, you agree to live by and encourage the “golden rule” by treating everyone in this world with compassion and respect.